Refund Policy

Services rendered through Eprominent IT Services Pvt Ltd have a 15 day money back guarantee. If Eprominent IT Services Pvt Ltd has not resolved any issue and the customer is not satisfied with service, the customer may ask for a refund of the paid amount within the first 15 days from the subscription date, and it is at the sole discretion of Eprominent IT Services Pvt Ltd if the refund shall be authorized.


Case 1: Not a single issue is resolved An amount equal to full subscription made by customer will be refunded

Case 2: Eprominent IT Services Pvt Ltd has resolved one or more issues. An amount equal to the per instance charges multiplied by the number of issues resolved for the service offered to the customer during the first 15 days will be deducted from the subscription amount. No Money will be refunded for single time/one time support services.


Case 1: Customer registered for 1 computer for 1 year. There would not be any refund for the subscription after 15 days of the subscription date. However, a customer can transfer the subscription to another computer, one time, during the contracted period. (No transfer is allowed for single time support services).

Case 2: Customer registered for multiple computers and/or years. Customer can only downgrade to a 1-year plan and receive a refund for the remaining subscribed amount. A one-time downgrade termination fee of $39.99 will apply.

The maximum refund is limited to the subscribed amount only, and if your system has been repaired by anyone other than Eprominent IT Services Pvt Ltd, then PEprominent IT Services Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any damages or compensation thereof.